I’ve been missing for quite a wihle, huh ^^; NO MATTER. I will continue this as if I started yesterday harhar! First update after my hiatus includes the new Nia Dollfie pictures that just sprung up from I’ve never been a fan of dollfies, I just never saw the appeal with them. But when I saw Nia I fell in love! She looks so pretty ;-; Mind you, I’m not jumping on anything to get her, for the most popular reason that other don’t just snatch up dollfies. Not willing to dish out like 500 bucks for a doll. Maybe later, not now. I remember I said the same thing about figures, but I have my Suzaku and my Lelouch figmas at home that I love and cherish and greet every time I go in the room ^_^ More on that little story later, just wanted to put out an update to show that I’m still here ❤


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