Fruits Basket Viridian Collection

Fruits Basket Viridian Collection

Fruits Basket Viridian Collection

I really love how I go months without updating and then I go and do 2 posts in one day XD But I saw this on today and I found myself a bit ticked.

Fruits Basket, I would have to say, is the most adorable anime I’ve ever seen, and is my number 1 favorite anime. I had no money in my account last summer after I moved back home from Pennstate, and I was hankering to get the Fruits Basket Viridian Collection, which was technically the first anime I really liked. And thanks to a babysitting gig, I saved up the fifty I needed, and I snagged it from Best Buy! But it was this one:

Fruits Basket Viridian 1

Fruits Basket Viridian 1

I love my Fruits Basket Viridian Collection, and it was the first anime I ever bought, and the only one for a while. But what ticks me off is that they released, yet again, a Viridian Collection! I have the funds to get this one as well and not have it hurt my wallet too bad, but I think if you’re going to re-release something, at least add some new features or behind the scenes things! Or re-release it for a ten year anniversary or something! I have no clue what this would mark, and according to certain sites, it’s the same exact length and there’s no word of anything really different fromm the previous release ._. I personally like the cover for the first one, the one I have. The newly released one… eh. It’s cheaper at 35 bucks at Best Buy, and the original Viridian is 50 still. Since it’s so much cheaper and I love the series so much, I’m gonna buy the new one too, and I’m gonna review it and see what the big differences are! If there are any at all. If there isn’t anything new, then I just got myself more Fruits Basket just in case the discs I have go bad ^_^ *cynical*


One response to “Fruits Basket Viridian Collection

  1. Nice to see you posting again… it is my turn huh? XD

    I would be more pissed that a cheaper version came out to be honest XD. I do agree it is…..odd how they sometimes release things when it comes to anime…but oh well, at the end of the day you still love it lol.

    (Fruits Basket is AWESOME!!!!)

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