My Office

Let me share the wonder that was my Otaku office!

So let me explain. I had an office before, where I kept my computer and my manga because the room that I had had very little space. I took these pictures mainly for the contest (long since over, congrats to the winner!) and also, to remember how the office looked before I moved. Now I’m nicely settled in my new bedroom, which holds all my Otaku loves and posters, but that’s for another post!I’m usually not so messy, but there are occasions when I use my manga as reference for some of my drawings, I tend to leave them scattered around and just… leave them there XD My Haruhi-chan manga is open to something with Itsuki and Kyon. I can’t read japanese, but I enjoy the cute art ❤ Love the little series that they had going on Youtube, though they removed the epsodes in a week. Hopefully us on the East Coast will get the dvd with subs eventually! Also, on the side there, you can see my laptop, which I call Onigiri. She’s tiny, compact, and provided many a distraction during my second semester at Rutgers ❤

This is my main computer (which, oddly enough, has no name) You can see my two figmas (to date) Suzaku and Lelouch from Code Geass. I fool around with them now and then, though I can get too paranoid about how I treat them. They seem so fragile to me, since I have no other figmas to compare them to. I’m always scared they might implode on impact of the floor XD My friend loves Sailor Mars, and I love Sailor Jupiter, and I found them laying around the other day, so I decided to put them up near the desk to symbolize us! Anyone that knows us would think it’s kinda weird, considering she looks more like Jupiter and I look more like Mars, but that’s how we roll. The Sakura doll is from my best friend who lives in Australia, she sent it to me for Christmas, and she’s been close to me ever since! The Tsubasa doujinshi is from one of my art muses, Kaoru-chan. I look through it probably once a day, I love it so much. Right next to it is a picture I completed with one of my original characters, Rosello DuPoint. More on him later.

You can’t see the DS screen very well, but it’s playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village, my favorite video game (…that is, until Layton 2. PLEASE NINTENDO! E3 IS AROUND THE CORNER). It’s a puzzle game, something that’s kept me entertained for hours with not only the game play, but with the characters, their designs, and the animation. I used to doodle them absolutely everywhere, as you can see there in my little notebook! I love manga, and Tramps Like Us is probably the one that makes me feel good all around, something that I can’t compare to any of my other series that I have (even Yu-gi-oh) I feel like I’m reading an actual book or watching a soap opera, it’s wonderful! The art is kinda special, but it grew on me very quickly!

These are the posters on my wall. The Shugo Chara one is my favorite, the paper is very good quality and it’s glossy and just… I love looking at it X3 It came with an art book ❤ Everything else came in a magazine, and the Professor Layton ones I printed out myself.

On the far right, I used to keep pictures of random cute girls I found in the magazines and posted them up by my art corner. I loved the design or just the colors, it made me sad that I didn’t know their story or the artists. Now the pictures hang right by my desk, so I can refer back to them as much as possible!

Also I had a random space where I would post up some of my own artwork mixed with one of my best friends’, Bonn-Fox. She sent me the Shrine Maiden picture (the good one up there XD) She’s really good, I was so happy that she sent me some of her sketches, adn this one was all colored and so pretty I didn’t want to just leave it in the folder, so I put it up. The rest of the pictures, I did. If you asked me why, I couldn’t really tell you. They aren’t especially good or anything… the only special ones are Satomi and Wazie, my original characters. The pictures on the wall of them are actually the first pictures I drew of them ever, and from there started my slow ruin XD

Just a close up of Onigiri and a few more of my posters. And there is my pen/pencil/marker basket. Comes in handy whenever I need a writing utensil. Once again, you ask me why I did this, I couldn’t really tell you why. I saw this basket at a crafts store for like a dollar, and I loved the design, so I got it. One of my best purchases ❤ You can see a bit of my art corner.

When I was down in the office, I had this little corner where I put all my art supplies, and I would go there whenever I wanted to draw. Too bad I made it during exam time, which was when I was the most busy with everything EXCEPT art. It went to waste -_- I used it once, when I drew my Rosello picture, and it was wonderful, though a pain in the butt because my music was nowhere near me, so I had to keep getting up to change it. That board was where I put my special items when I still lived in the dorm, adorned with yet another picture from my lovely Bonn~ And a photoshoot thing I did with my Laura Button, Lucky Star style!

I can get pretty messy when I draw. When I was in higschool, I used to just need a pencil and paper, and my Faber Castel’s. NO MORE. Now I use sharpies, prismas, copics, crayons, regular colored pencils, white paint, guache… well, a ton of crap XD It’s nice though, when I sit down to do a traditional picture, all those elements come together and I need to find a way to make it all work. The Rosello picture was my first try, and I’m gonna be doing it again, since I loved how much it came out! That picture up there is my fox girl, Vixena Foxhood. She used to represent me a lot before, but I’m slowly easing back in to her. I drew her in my work uniform. Kinda secret: at one point, going to work seemed like a pain to me. I know I should’ve been grateful for it, but after a while, it just bored me and I was upset about it. I was going to give in my two weeks notice, but the day that I decided to do that, I drew Vixena in my uniform, and suddenly… nothing seemed so bad anymore. I’ve had a lot of wonderful experiences at the Cafe, and I can’t wait ot have more. I look at that picture everytime I leave my room and look forward to a brand new day.

Hehe, see? I was always inspired whenever I sat in my little corner, my way out of this world. Had my Tsubasa art book out because out of all my art books, it’s the one I refer to the most. Sadly, the binding seems to be breaking ;-; I’m gonna have to buy another one I can use to display and the broken binding one to keep referring to. Also, you can see a Yu-gi-oh picture I finished in one of my sketchbooks! You can see how much fun I used to have here, haha!

Close upu~ That tag hanging from my light was my nametag from my job when I worked at Victorias Secret (one of my temporary obsessions~) Hehe, learned how to measure le bewbs ❤

Haha, the star of the show! I know some people like to pose their figmas with pictures they take to spice them up, well I don’t use my figmas (my paranoia of them breaking gets to me) I use my little keychain of my Bakugan, Drago. My little brother is obsessed with the stuff, and I watched one episode of it, and DAMN. Funniest thing I ever saw, and my love for this dragon just grew. When I saw a keychain of him, I bought him on the spot! Now he goes with me everywhere. You’ll be seeing more of him, I promise. And there’s my phone, and the wallpaper is of my and Bonn’s characters, Vix and Box. You’ll be seeing them later too XD  And of course my Yami plush <3333 He sleeps by my bed cuz I’m too scared to actually sleep with him (can you tell I’m petrified of breaking anything?!)

And a close up of the art books I own. You’ll learn very quickly, I’m a nut for these things. Thank God for New York City being close by where I can get my fill of them. I do have a rule though: If I haven’t seen the series, I don’t buy the art book. I broke my rule with the X art book, though I don’t regret it. Easily my most expensive art book, but the art is to die for. Oh, I’ll go on ranting about the books, I’ll stop here. Pictures of my actual room are coming up! There’s a lot more space now than there was before.

Bye nee~


One response to “My Office

  1. Awesome desk space you got, much more “otaku” than my own XD. I love your artwork too it is realyl good ^^
    Plus im jealous XD you have a laptop AND a main computer. Mew….I want a laptop as well!!!!!!

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